Chlamydia – A Brief Introduction

So, what’s this Chlamydia we hear about so often?

Chlamydia Trachomatis is a very common infectious bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI). Chlamydia can affect both men and women and their respective genital areas. Chlamydia can even infect the anus, throat and sometimes the eyes.

It’s a sneaky one as it can sometimes present without any symptoms. As Chlamydia is highly infectious,  lots of people carry it without knowing that they have the infection. However, if you do get symptoms from Chlamydia these can include pelvic pain during intercourse, irregular bleeding, burning on passing urine and discharge. In men if can also present with redness at the opening of the penis and a clear discharge.

It is recommended that every person under the age of 30 years old should have a yearly test for Chlamydia.

How do I get tested?

Easy! A simple urine test or a swab can be performed! Even if you have no symptoms testing is recommended.

An untreated Chlamydia infection can lead onto Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and even fertility issues.

How is it treated?

It is easily treated with antibiotics. We suggest you tell your partner/s so they can receive treatment too.

If this is difficult, talk to your doctor as there is help to trace or inform partners for you.

So a yearly check in with your doctor regarding Chlamydia screening advised if you are under 30 years old. They will offer you any other recommended tests they feel necessary at consult.

And if you are wondering how to minimise your risk of Chlamydia infection? Use Condoms 🙂  

Family Planning Victoria have a series of useful fact sheets on Reproductive and Sexual Health that are worth checking out.

If you would like to know more or have any concerns please visit your local Doctor or Nurse.

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